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Turn words into NFTs

Use a text-to-image generator to create one-of-a-kind artwork and mint it using the ethereum network

How does it work?

  • Connect your MetaMask wallet

    Connect your MetaMask wallet to mint art

  • Type a word, sentence, or short text of your choice

    • Our algorithms will generate unique digital art based on your text.

    • Repeat the process until you are happy with the results (get completely new designs each time you click “Generate Art”).

  • Mint your artwork as an NFT

    • Once you mint your unique creation, no one else will be able to use the same text prompt to generate art with Eponym ever again.

    • A link to your minted NFT will be presented to anyone trying to create a design using the same text.

Made by ART AI - Leaders in Generated Art

Art AI is the world’s largest gallery of AI generated art. Started in 2019 in Cambridge, we have developed the cutting edge of AI generated art, made using our proprietary technology. Now you can guide our algorithms to make what you want.

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